STUDIO teatrgaleria is a creative venue hosting innovative experiments produced by artists representing a range of disciplines. In line with its avant-garde traditions, and with Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz as its patron, STUDIO has become a space for free expression, where different disciplines of art intersect and interact – including theatre, visual arts, music and film. In line with Witkacy's Theory of Pure Form, artists are offered the opportunity to perform aesthetic experiments. 

STUDIO does not produce a fixed programme, being a PLACE for thinking in ways different to the reality imposed upon us by politicians. STUDIO aims to change this reality. Our starting point is to question the future of artistic theatre in Poland and Europe and, more precisely, the ways in which it can justify its existence in present-day social, economic and political environments.

Open Studios is a platform for developing international collaboration established in March 2020 by STUDIO theatregallery in Warsaw and in partnership with Onassis Stegi in Athens. The project was first offered to artists, researchers and audiences as a response to restrictions placed upon our mobility and social interactions following the pandemic – all in order to counter the state of isolation. We have created Open Studios because artists needed and were missing new encounters, inspirations and opportunities to animate both thoughts and emotions, which are so essential in the world of theatre. 

In the frame of Open Studio invited practitioners from the field of performing arts continue to create their unique virtual workspaces. For each of them we open a simple call for participating artists and for observers from anywhere in the world to join online sessions in a given timeframe. We imagine these workspaces to nurture joint experimentation and mutual learning. Without the need to create complete pieces, we are offering the chance to consider how together we can join forces in creating, growing and meeting each other through networks, platforms and technologies.

Through this website we invite you to explore the past and future workspaces, which account for a broad range of aesthetics, tools and practices suggested by Polish, Greek and international artists. Additionally, the team of Open Studios strives to offer thematic online programs that include moderated conversations, live presentations, lectures, and other forms of opening up artistic practices and important discussions related to them.


"When the regular work of an institution is interrupted, and its ability to produce performances and deliver programmes is blocked, we are faced with a crisis – but also with a new, symbolic space for alternative activities which is based not around production by itself, but also education and the creation of an identity for specific places."

Natalia Korczakowska