22-25/0/2020, 11:00 -22:00
STUDIO Theatre: Malarnia Stage 


As part of his workspace at STUDIO teatrgaleria, Łukasz Twarkowski is using the Malarnia stage to develop an immersive installation as a rave simulator. A special music set dedicated to this event will be created by VTSS – one of the most important artists on the European underground club scene. The event architecture and visual design is the work of Łukasz Twarkowski, in partnership with Jakub Lech. The Simulator has been designed in a way which allows each audience member to have a personalised experience of the event – one by one, they go into a simulator erected up on the stage for up to 45 minutes.

“Recent weeks have made us aware of how quickly our bodies demand certain inputs, and how optic fibre connections are not able to replace the human touch. Can a rave simulator become an aid in sustaining these life functions? An answer to the cyclical need to expose our bodies to rhythmic sounds involving low frequencies?”
Łukasz Twarkowski

The installation uses strobe lighting, smoke machines and low frequency sounds.







Łukasz Twarkowski is a creator of multimedia performances combining theatre and visual arts. He places his projects in the context of extending reality through multimedia.

 Twarkowski made his debut in professional theatre in 2011 as the director of Farinelli. However, at this time Twarkowski was already known to the theatre audience of Wrocław as the author of Lila Negr, a musical performance narrating the story of a Russian actor, Alexander Vertinsky. Twarkowski invited various artist to cooperate: sculptors, painters, video artists, and creators of electronic music. The viewers were invited to a completely different sort of encounter with theatre. The performance set Vertinsky’s work against the sensitivity of a contemporary artist and the possibilities offered by audiovisual art.

 Łukasz Twarkowski is also collaborator and video artist of theatre director Krystian Lupa with whom he worked on several productions for the last ten years. He also founded the Identity Problem Group, an interdisciplinary collective that aims at combining visual and performative arts with literature, architecture and sound art.

Formerly working as an associated director in Polski Theatre in Wrocław, he is now a freelance director in several theatres throughout Europe. Working with the actors is of utmost importance to the director, so work on each performance turns into certain creative research: looking for the contemporaneity of the topic, different means of expression, and the relation with the future audience. The themes of Ł. Twarkowski’s plays do not avoid social and historical contexts, he often plays with the genre of storytelling. The director uses the technical sound, lights and video possibilities to create a virtual reality in his productions, where both the actor and the spectator lose their pre-roles and the distance offered by the space of the stage.

In 2017 his work LOKIS premiered in the Drama Theatre in Vilnius. The performance was nominated for nine Golden Crosses of the Stage, the highest award in the field of theatre in Lithuania. His recent works include  Es war einmal... das Leben from Schauspiel Hannover (nominated by nachkritik.de for the title of best performance of 2020) and second production in Lithuanian Drama Theatre entitled Respublika.